If You Are Looking For Business In Malaysia!

Every month, there are more than 30,000 people searching for the right opportunities to start up a business in Malaysia. If you just do a search on the exact term "Business Opportunity in Malaysia", you will find there are more than 20,000 sites optimized for the term itself and is quite competitive in this market today. 


What Business Can You Look For or Start Today?   

Following are some of many types of businesses ready or available for you in Malaysia:

Franchise - International franchises such as McDonald's, Burger King, Kenny Rogers and so on. Local franchises like Secret Recipe, Dave Deli and so on. Should you have a capital of more than RM300,000 to start this   business. More than 3 years business generated for return of capital.  

Retail -  Means by selling the products to customers directly and in small quantities. You need a store to loads your products in by determined the store location. Require more than 3 years business generated for return of capital as well.  

MLM - Just like franchises, the MLM industry such as Amway, Herbalife, Hai-O, Cosway and so on is also booming in Malaysia. The MLM industry is certainly among the best industry to start business in. It is the best platform for new comers to learn all they need to know in running a business without actual risk associated with running an actual business.  

Online Business -  Is the trend today and no businesses can make it big without online presence. You may run it solely online without capital and risk. Quite number of retailers decided to close down their physical store and operate solely online.  

So if you want to be your own boss and thinking about starting up a business, we provide you the best platform and the best business opportunity WHICH IS .....   

Online Education Business .......                                  

                             The New Trend of Business


Why Online Education Business?

Peter Drucker's Prediction

Peter Drucker is a world-class economic forecasters. Among his popular is the fact that he predicted that Japan will rise after the bombing of Hiroshima & Nagasaki, while the whole world says Japan will not rise. His prediction turned out to be accurate.

May 2000, in Forbes Magazine, he once again predicted that over the next 10 years Webucation/ Online Education/ E-learning is the great growth opportunity of Sunrise Business.

"If you operate now, a millionaire is yours." 

His prediction is right. In Europe, Webucation/Online Education/E-learning has been growing since 2005. In Singapore was in 2010, and it's now taking place in Malaysia !!!

ICT Expenditure = The Basic For National Education 

What does it means?  


  • By year 2012 Malaysia Government implement 100% smart school (study by using computer).
  • Malaysia Government implement computer labs for all primary and secondary schools.
  • Malaysia Government had invest RM150 million for E-learning at 9th Malaysian Plan. 
Minister Of Education Promoting E-learning System
Government Implementing E-learning Program Across Malaysia

 9th Malaysian Plan - RM150 Million For E-learning

Terengganu State Chief Minister Sponsored E-book For Students

Bill Gates Predicts Online Education as Main Place for Learning in 5 Years.
Online Education Business is the latest trend, and NOW is your golden timing to start this business.

Degree In Mechanical Engineering
Part Time in Online Education Business.
Part time Income From 5000 ++.

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